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If you have an approved Town Planning permit and are ready to commence construction of new medium-density, low-rise density and retirement living dwellings, with a yield of 10 or more, contact TownLiving today.

Or are looking for a builder to help with applications, town planning and tender processes, consider upcoming projects and talk to us as early as possible, so we can help you on a range of options and provide value-adding solutions to ensure you reach maximum yield.

IMS Accredited:
TownLiving works to achieve an AS 4801 & ISO 14001 accreditation; an international standard that gives requirements for an organisations integrated management system. As a business we are qualified with certificates in two key areas;

  • Safety
  • Environment

These certificates are only achieved after an in depth audit from a third party certification body on an annual basis. This is a quality management system of the highest standard, which hold these two pillars at the forefront of all TownLiving builds. It is a system which aims to give our client’s confidence and clearly defines us as a cut above our competitors.

For more information, visit the IMS website.

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