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Medium-density (Townhouse) design and construction was the catalyst of establishing TownLiving by Metricon.

Metricon recognised the gap in the marketplace for an affordable medium-density product without compromising on design and construction quality.

If you’re a developer or investor looking for:

Or are looking for a builder to help with urban design, feasibilities, acquisitions, applications and town planning, consider upcoming projects and talk to us as early as possible, so we can help you on a range of options and provide value-adding solutions to ensure you reach maximum yield.

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How does TownLiving by Metricon define a Townhouse?

Townhouses come in all shapes and sizes. Our range includes detached and attached – single storey, double-storey and triple-storey designs, but the most common and widely recognised across all states is an attached dwelling with a specialised parting wall (zero lot or partiwall), which is the use of purposely manufactured materials providing adequate soundproofing between dwellings.

What are the key benefits of developing Townhouses?

Townhouses are versatile. They can be built in all areas across Australia so development opportunities are increasing whilst achieving maximum yield. They also offer investors and a broad range of buyers a new, affordable living alternative with off-the-plan purchasing benefits, so there is more opportunity for market-share within an established community.

How does TownLiving stay-ahead with emerging Townhouse designs?

The design trends are evolving as the market for medium density expands. We are continuously innovating and updating our design range to reflect developer and consumer needs. In all TownLiving by Metricon product, design fundamentals are applied ensuring – façade articulation is addressed, efficient use of space with open-plan living, storage and quality, contemporary kitchen bathroom fittings and fixtures.

Small-lot Housing Code

As land and broad acreage development requirements change, so do housing options. TownLiving by Metricon understand the ever-changing landscape have designed and continue to push the boundaries for a range of Small-lot Housing product, enabling an opportunity to work closely with Developers ensuring yield is maximised, and the time to market is minimised.

Accessible housing code

The benefits of Accessible townhouse product being made available within inner-city and greenfield developments help not only purchasers, but the developer working with government authorities. TownLiving works with these authorities to adapt current and new designs to ensure the code is achieved.